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The ASFRecorder V1.1 download page

(Download link can be found at the bottom of this page)

 The good news: the update Version 1.1 ("service pack") is available! ;-)  
 The sad news: This project is cancelled! Expect no further versions. ;-(  

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  ASFRecorder receiving and saving a stream
Picture 1 - ASFRecorder receiving and saving a stream

What is ASFRecorder?

ASFRecorder is a tool to download and store WindowsMedia streaming content to your hard drive. The resulting files can be viewed as often as you wish. The files can also be copied without any physical restriction.

The program is written in portable ANSI-C! Use it on SUN, Linux, Windows. HP-UX and MAC ports should be easy. The graphical user interface works on Windows only.

ASFRecorder does not support RealMedia or QuickTime. ASFRecorder only features HTTP streaming in WindowsMedia format (ASF). ASFRecorder does not (and will never) implement Microsoft's MMS streaming protocol. For this reason, you might encounter some ASF streams that cannot be recorded with ASFRecorder.

For more details, have a look into the README file.

What can you do using ASFRecorder?

Download music videos, movie trailers, audio clips or complete songs. You can download the high-quality (high-bandwidth) version (often 300kbit/sec) with slow modems. You can also record live-broadcasts (e.g. concerts, TV shows). You can then copy and spread the downloaded content using Napster, GNUTella, FTP, IRC or whatever. (*)

High bandwidth movie trailers usually are 3-6 MB in size. High bandwidth music video clips are usually 6-12 MB in size.

(*) IMPORTANT NOTE: The fact that you can now technically do this does not mean that I want to encourage you to do so. Creating unauthorized copies of copyrighted material is illegal.

ASFRecorder previewing a stream during download
Picture 2 - ASFRecorder previewing a stream during download
Subtitle: "Storm clouds worrying the streaming media industry"

ASFRecorder proxy support
Picture 3 - New HTTP proxy support feature

Why is this possible?

It is possible because content providers seem not to be worried about the safety and copy-protection of their content. They trust in a proprietary streaming protocol invented by Microsoft and they completely ignore the need for activating any security options that this protocol does indeed offer.

What is the outcome of all this?

The result of all this might be that some content providers will have to shut down their service - or at least temporarily disable a part of their service until they or Microsoft come up with a fix or protection against unwanted downloads. So far, however, the industry has almost completely ignored the need for using Microsoft's Digital Rights Management solution.

Can the server determine that I am using ASFRecorder?

ASFRecorder imitates the HTTP protocol used by Windows Media Player. The server will not notice any difference wheter you are watching the content with ASFRecorder or with Windows Media Player.

About this software

ASFRecorder is provided on an AS-IS basis without any warranties at all. The program is freeware and has no copyright. There are no financial interests behind the development and distribution of this program. Full source code is included. The author wants to remain anonymous for very obvious reasons.

  The program's about box
Picture 4- The program's cool about box in version 1.1

What is new in the update version?

  • HTTP proxy support

  • support for user/password authorization

  • recorded live content is made seekable

...and what else?

  • fixed the "200 - OK" problem in many cases

  • improved stream compatibility

  • brushed up the program's "about" box

Legal Issues

(excerpt from README.TXT)

Q: So is it legal to download and distribute this tool?

A: Yes. This  is a very simple tool using a very simple internet protocol. It
   does  NOT  break any encryption or authentification procedure.  So I don't
   see any point why this program could be illegal. Download, copy and spread

Q: Is it legal to use this tool?

A: That depends on what content you actually download with this tool.  If it
   is copyrighted content and if the download is expressly prohibited by the
   content provider, you are acting in an illegal manner.

Thanks must go to...

the 50000++ users who have visited this page so far

an anonymous supporter who helped me to publish this page

the German c't magazine who covered the topic of ASF recording and copyright profoundly from a balanced point of view on a full-page article (c't issue 16/2000 p.33)

the streaming media industry for providing really cool and unprotected content ;-)

the WWW providers hosting this page and the counter/access logging services

ezboard.com for providing the ASFRecorder discussion forums

my future employer...

 You need help? Having download problems? Looking for cool streams? Check the forums! 

Enough talkin'...

Get the NEW DOWNLOAD HERE! (about 360 kB)

Download includes source code!

Installation is done by unzipping (subdirectory ASFRecorder is automatically created). Be sure to activate the "Use folder names" option in WinZip or you will end up with dozens of source code files in your root directory!

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